General trading conditions

  1. Empire-Webdesign, Owner: Silvia Provolija based in Jena, makes its performances available for weave design exclusively on the following terms.

  2. The considerations of the individual performances are calculated or agreed after the valid price list. All prices are net prices plus the legal value added tax.

  3. CompletionThe compensation agreed on is web design within 10 working days without discount payable after completion of the performance agreed on and after accounting by Empire-Webdesign.

  4. The presentations are removed from the Internet after a previous announcement at non-payment of the financial obligations for which the costs for single facilities are lifted up in addition. For the re-employment of presentations on the Internet after a previous distance because of non-payment of the financial obligations the costs for single facilities are lifted up in addition.

  5. These are connected by link, may not infringe any trademarks, patent or other rights of third parties texts and pictures or contents provided by the customer on the part of on the Internet. The customer is liable for damages. With the conveyance of the web pages the customer releases Empire-Webdesign of any liability of the contents and assures to transmit only material which excludes an on the right injury of third parties. All details and graphics integrations are the express wish of the customer. Web design won't Empire check these for possible on the right injuries of third parties. Only the customer himself is liable for the correctness of the made details.

  6. Picture presentations and logos must be available in high quality as a scanning presentation or be provided by the customer in electronic form in high quality. A necessary after-arrangement of the presentations is calculated in addition.

  7. Are protected on copyright provided pictures and texts and suit to the customer for the contract duration without considerations at the disposal of Empire-Webdesign. A further-reaching use is only by a written approval by Empire-Webdesign allows.

  8. Arranged sides are protected on copyright and are indicated as such of Empire - Webdesign.

  9. On the Internet as well as for the reprimands these are connected by link, become names and address for every presentation, indicated to names and address of the representation justifiable at person unions and groups also.

  10. The contents of the presentations must correspond to the truth. Web design assumes no guarantee or liability for the actual qualification of a customer for Empire - Webdesign.

  11. Empire - Webdsign assumes no guarantee or liability for the obligations to be produced of a customer opposite a third party from offers and contracts which have arisen from making contact about the presentation on the Internet.

  12. Empire - Webdesign assumes no guarantee or liability for demands of third parties opposite a customer from offers and contracts which have arisen from making contact about the presentation on the Internet.

  13. This one is connected by link the Internet presence or contents, may not for the storage or distribution of games of chance on the part of on the Internet, be used, obscene, pornographic, dangerous or slanderous material. A violation leads for an important reason without reimbursement of costs to the immediate cancellation of the contract relationship provided that the customer has to hold the violation himself.

  14. Updates, changes, customizations and revisions are immediately realized by Empire - Webdesign. Periods can be agreed on for appointments of a special importance.

  15. The customer gives the right to Empire - Webdesign to tie Empire - Webdesign's logo and an imprint into the web sites of the customer/the customer and to interlink these with each other and Empire - Webdesign's web site. The customer/the customer will take on all protection remarks like copyright remarks and other on the right reservations unchanged. This also applies particularly to the references to the originator attached in the program code. Empire - Webdesign reserves the right to use rendered services like outlines and objects for presentation purposes even if they are based on presentations of the customer/the customer, to include the web site of the customer/the customer in a reference list for advertising purposes and to put corresponding links particularly.

  16. End regulations (Salvatorische clause) Place of performance is Jena. The right of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid it. The ineffectiveness of one of the prominent conditions doesn't touch the validity of the other regulations. Additional agreements require the in writing.